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New Address

To all my wonderful readers, I have changed my blog address. You may find all future posts at: Raising Asperger’s Kids: I will be leaving this blog up so have no fear if you enjoyed and relied on my … Continue reading

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Inanity, Irony and Sarcasm: Yep They Get Funny

I just received some emails that had been sent to me by highschoolboy from a comedy website that he likes to read.  They were sarcastic, bombastic and just plain old-fashioned fun. These emails linked to pages that parodied parodies, skewered … Continue reading

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                                     Freedom is not free: THANK A VETERAN.

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Enter the Void: The Need for “Circle of Friends”in High School

I have written on several occasions about collegeman’s quest to find a friend and what a challenge it is for him. His life skills coach still meets him at college on Friday’s and takes him into the cafeteria. There he sits … Continue reading

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No Retreat, No Surrender: Getting Your Child to Act Like Britain Under Churchill

So the title of this post is very different than what  I usually write. I tend to use analogies from movies, or children’s games to relay an idea or thought concerning our children. However, this past week has been a … Continue reading

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REMEMBER 9/11: Cee Cee Lyles United Airlines Flight 93

Let us pause to remember those who died because we choose to live free.   Until next time,   Elise

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Staycation- Fun in the Summer Time: Aspergers and Planning

So I got some really good news last week. I had a meeting with the oldest son’s boss and apparently he did as well as he kept telling us. It’s not that I didn’t believe him, what it is is … Continue reading

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