Pollen, Daylight Savings, Some New Crap

To say that the end of the school year is always an adventure with Highschoolboy is to understate how the Earth’s rotation switches to counterclockwise, the magnetic poles interchange and everything is   overcome   by an inverted sense of reality. It’s really not as much fun as it sounds.  I have mentioned how I loathe daylight savings time, not just because I am not really happy about getting up an hour earlier than normal. I don’t care what they say how you get used to it. You don’t and I am discombobulated for at least five months until they switch everything back to regular time. Well, HSB is the same way. The first thing that happens is that he doesn’t sleep. We thought that there was a lot of anxiety going on in his life. It’s the end of the year, work ratchets itself up, on top of beginning final prep and regent’s review, and of course he is taking the ACTs this Saturday. But I think it’s that he just doesn’t have the internal switch that makes going to DST very easy. Now I did give him some melatonin for a few days to help him adjust to the time difference. The neurologist said it would be fine. It did work, but being the pill hater that he is, he convinced everyone that he didn’t need another one. Well if he could sleep without it, then he is right. So far, he has returned to the normal, I don’t want to get out of bed teenagehood again. So we will see what happens as finals get closer.

Now another issue that HSB has is eczema. Every spring and fall too, with the advent of that lovely magical ingredient that we all know and love, pollen, he breaks out like no tomorrow. The problem that we have this year, akin to the pill hatred jag that he is on; he doesn’t want any of his creams.  I have to tell you it is very hard to get a 16 year old boy to let you put cream on their body if they don’t want you too. It’s also a bit of a personal space issue and a “may not be so appropriate issue” if mom forces him to let her. The problem is that the eczema just keeps getting worse and worse. He scratches at it and he has developed big red blotches now. I did try to get him to do it himself, but no it’s goopy he said. He liked this new fangled cream that wasn’t goopy. The problem was it had alcohol in it, (made no sense to me in the first place since eczema is dry skin and alcohol is drying) and quite frankly did nothing. It really didn’t help the rash at all. So I threw it out. HSB was none too pleased with me about that. He liked it. But I had to explain to him how just because you like something, if it doesn’t work it’s not worth your time and effort. You need to use what works, even if you are not thrilled with how it feels. Luckily today he met with the school psychologist and she noticed the blotches and told him he needs to use his creams even if it is goopy. Thank God for pretty school psychologists, plus I think that the blotches were really starting to bother HSB and he needed a reason to give in to my demands of using his cream. She called me and I immediately was able to get HSB to put on the medicine.

Interestingly HSB has also developed a new phobia. I guess with the turning of the seasons and the inversion of the Earth’s rotation, HSB should have something new on his plate. Why not? Life was getting just a little; oh I don’t know, boring. So the school psychologist tells me that he has been spitting into his shirt in chemistry class. Apart from the fact that he is now walking around with a filthy wet shirt, it’s just disgusting. Listen, just because our little darlings do something doesn’t make it ok. He may have had his reasons, but it is so inappropriate to spit into your shirt. Plus I don’t think he would get that oft searched for girlfriend by being allowed to manifest really gross idiosyncrasies either.

Of course, the first step is to find out why he was doing that. The psychologist was able to wheedle out of him the problem. He is afraid of getting chemicals in his mouth. Now he has had chemistry all year. Used chemicals all year. Had chemicals in the room with him all year. Had a partner who used the chemicals all year near him. But suddenly in the middle of the last experiment he became terrified that he was getting chemicals in his mouth. It didn’t help matters either that his allergies are acting up. His eyes are raw. He showed me that his tongue is a funny color. That he feels generally under the weather from the pollen, so of course it’s the chemicals in the chemistry labs fault. (Maybe I can get him to take his damn allergy pill without a problem now.) Anyway, they came up with a solution that hopefully will not gross out the entire class anymore. He will spit into a tissue if he feels the need to instead of on his shirt. I sure hope that works. Of course, he still uses his shirt instead of a napkin at dinner so not sure how effective this solution will be. I’ll just have the school remind the aide to remind him to use the tissue. Independence be damned. This is why he has them. We are going to employ them to his benefit. Now if I can just figure out how to get him to use his napkin.

The psychologist even talked to me about him wearing a facemask. I thought it was a better idea than spitting into a tissue. It’s more hygienic and not so gross. He may look silly but I don’t think he understands that spitting into the tissue is also not the coolest thing in the world. I think he rejected her suggestion off the bat simply because it was a suggestion made by someone else. He told me he decided to use the tissues and that he didn’t want any face masks. We actually have some for construction use in the house. Hubby does do all the repairs in our home so he has them from working with all the caustic solutions and wood. They are made to vent bad odors. Perfect for chemistry class. Maybe I can have hubby talk to him. Convince him that it is better to wear the mask and not spit. We will see. He does think dad is the bomb and does really really really want to please him. So subtle dad pressure might just work.

In the meantime, I noticed something else that HSB was doing, and that was wearing his bowling team shirt. He had joined the bowling team at the suggestion of his case manager, when his best friend since 3rd grade dumped him without a word. The bowling team was terrific for him. He did need time to adjust, but went every Monday like a trooper. Bowled, played video games, ate chicken fingers, rode on the bus and socialized. He even went with them out to dinner on the last day of practice. What he didn’t want to do was wear his bowling team polo. All the kids on the bowling team were given a really nice blue polo with the bowling team logo in the upper left-hand corner. It was rather inconspicuous but something that showed HSB was part of a group. Well, as usual HSB balked at the idea of wearing it. The team members tended to wear it on the day they bowled in a game. He did not compete. Not because they didn’t want him, but he being a rather bad bowler, didn’t want to drag the team down. I think the reality was that one afternoon of bowling during the week was more than enough for him. It provided him an outlet outside of school, with the support that he needed, among people that were kind to him, but it also took him out of his comfort zone. We never did push the issue of bowling during the competitions, but we had hoped that he would wear the polo. But no, no polo. However, lo and behold in the last few weeks, guess who is wearing the bowling team polo? You guessed it. He likes to wear it now. I think a part of him finally understands that he is part of the group, oh yeah and the adults stopped nagging him about wearing it too. Sometimes he can be a real contrary pain in the ass. So tell me when does 16 become fun?


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  1. J. says:

    Right there with ya, as usual. Son2 is, thankfully, past MCA\’s, but a re-take of the ACT looms in his future. This time with the hard-won double time. (Personally, I believe they should also be administered in the afternoon, as his meds don\’t kick in till 1.5 hrs after he takes them) and senioritis is kicking his ass. We\’ve kinda concluded there\’s a part of him that doesn\’t want to graduate that is sabotaging him. Oy.

  2. Elise says:

    The anxiety about the upcoming change into college is looming alrge for HSB. He doesn\’t want to talk about it and won\’t really acknowledge that times they are a changing. Next year is going to be such a joy-not!

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