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Autism & Alleluias by Kathleen Deyer Bolduc: A Short Review

Autism & Alleluias  is a lovely read about a mother’s search for spiritual guidance in helping her autistic son. She details varied situations and how calling upon her faith had helped her in her pursuit of inner peace. She talks about … Continue reading

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Educating Your Autistic Child

One of the major issues facing a parent of an autistic child is what type of schooling should the child have. We know that there are many models: inclusion, self-contained, homeschool and within each model there are variations. So how … Continue reading

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Snarky Ignorance and Autism Awareness

Note: The offending blogger discussed in the following article,S, has now removed her post. However, instead of apologizing to the autism community for any offense that she may have inadvertently caused, she accuses us of slandering her good name and not … Continue reading


Unicorns, Butterflies and Daffodils

Spring has sprung. The air is warmer. The grass is green again. The birds are chirping. You can hear the crickets and the frogs at night. You can smell the fresh flowers and the trees as they bloom. The ancient … Continue reading

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Aspie or Teen- As If

No matter what I do with HSB and collegeman they have a glitch between the napkin on their lap and their mouths. In variably HSB will come home from school with peanut butter all over his shirt. I ask him … Continue reading


Police and Aspies: No Answer

So here’s a subject I had never really thought about in great detail. I was on twitter and came across an issue tweeted by Sharon daVanport (blog-talk radio, twitter,  facebook) a director of the Autism Women’s Network (AWN). Someone in the … Continue reading

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Tired of Being Tired

I have decided that I am tired of being tired. It’s not even that bone aching tired that you remember from parenting an infant. I would not even call it sleep deprived, even though as parents of autistic children we … Continue reading

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