OK So Maybe I am Not So Subtle

Hubby and I have had a disagreement about something I did yesterday concerning collegeman. Collegeman has decided that he is going to major in history and minor in legal studies, specifically criminal law studies. So he plans to take criminal law this spring semester. Makes sense right. Well in the meantime his advisor was talking to the criminal law professor about collegeman and he suggested that collegeman take legal ethics instead. Now how those two subjects are comparable , I just don’t see it.  I guess I must have missed something in law school. It’s probably why it took me three times to pass the bar exam.  Well anyway, we told her no, that collegeman is going to take the class he wants to take.

So yesterday collegeman, along with all the other students in the class, received an email from the professor telling them how they are going to have a drill on the first day to practice oral arguments. How they need to be quick on the uptake, verbally, and that it is a major part of class. Now there was also something in there about mock trials and group work, which is not a big deal for collegeman, but I got the impression that that email was for our benefit, since all the issues discussed in the email were the reasons the professor told the advisor he wanted collegeman removed from the class.

So I in turn wrote him back:

Dear Prof. X,

(Collegeman) just forwarded to me your email concerning the criminal law class. Since you do know (Collegeman) from an earlier class I did not feel it necessary to reintroduce him to you. However, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that (Collegeman) does have aspergers syndrome, OCD (anxiety disorder), seizures, as well as an auditory processing and word retrieval issue that does make him slow on verbal uptake situations.  From your email I am assuming you are going to be running the class using the Socratic Method. Please remember that (Collegeman) has this disability and as with testing needs extra time for responses. None of which should be counted against him in the final analysis.

(Collegeman) will also be accompanied by a classroom coach, Mr. X. He is a master’s candidate in special education at Xville College.

If you have any questions you are free to contact me at (phone number). Or you may contact my husband at his law office at (phone number). Additionally, I know that (disability director) is always available for the Xville faculty.

Thank you and I look forward to (Collegeman) having an enjoyable semester,

Elise  X


Hubby says it was too much. That the professor will definitely know he was threatened. Well that sort of was the point. Hubby thinks I caused collegeman more problems. I say this way the professor will not try to screw with collegeman, as his parents have his back.

Also it’s not like we don’t expect collegeman to cooperate and do what he is supposed to do. We did not challenge the art grade from last semster, which was lowered, in the professor’s words, because he didn’t “focus” during critique, due to the fact that collegeman was also generally a pain in the ass in that art class.

Any opinions?


Until next time,






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3 Responses to OK So Maybe I am Not So Subtle

  1. J. says:

    I would say that you did the right thing. "If it\’s not in writing, it doesn\’t exist," is the mantra as you know. Going too far would have been reminding him that he is required by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to provide the "reasonable accomodations" requested. You just let the prof know that both collegeman and you know what\’s up.

  2. Melissa says:

    Elise, Im afraid I wouldve done the same thing. He deserves a chance just like any other student. He may actually surprise professorX. He needs to be given a chance. I have no doubt in my mind he may struggle, but thats all part of learning and growing.

  3. Elise says:

    Thank you for all of your comments: here, twitter, facebook and email. I appreciate all the positive responses. I am glad to see that we are all on the same page. Collegeman deserves a chance and should not be written off either because he had had this professor before, with some minor behavioral issues or because the professor is aware of a disability. BTW collegeman received a B in his previous class with this professor.Apparently according to the classroom coach, collegeman while agitated in the beginning held his own and was engaged and appropriate in class. I hope once we get over the transiton issues he continues on this positive roll.

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