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I have written before about using the internet to find and make connections in your world. I have found that social media is a terrific outlet for parents of special needs children. While I sat alone for most of my children’s upbringing I can say without reservation that the last year on the internet has opened up for me the world. I am no longer alone and I am no longer feeling so terribly isolated from the everyday.

This is why I want to alert my readers to a new form of support group. You can find it on twitter. It is called @TheCoffeeKlatch. It is a support group organized by @ChildAnxiety. She has enlisted four other parents of special needs children to help her moderate the conversation. Yours truly is one of them.  I use the twitter moniker @aspergers2mom. The discussions are varied and include all disabilities, not just autism. You just follow @TheCoffeeKlatch and during the discussions use the hashtag #tck to follow along in the conversation. Put #tck in the search box on your twitter profile and twitter will search the term on all tweets. It comes up as a cogent conversation, which when you refresh your browser you can follow along and join in.

The conversation @TheCoffeeKlatch is daily Monday thru Friday 9am EST/2pm GMT. Join us. Talk or just listen. You are not alone.

Hope to see you there.

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 If you sign in using tweetchat it makes following the conversation alot easier. it puts in the hashtag for you. Use this url:


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