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When You Are No Longer Here

CAVEAT: The following is from my own personal experience. I am not nor have I ever been an estate attorney. Do NOT rely solely on this post for information concerning estate planning for your child. Please consult an expert in … Continue reading

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Protecting the Most Vulnerable: the 3 Ds and your Special Needs Child

A note to my readers-The following is a political post. If you believe that it is permitted to walk into a pizza parlor in Tel Aviv and blow yourself up, or that is ok to blow up a school bus … Continue reading

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Working With the School: Really It Can Happen

One of the biggest issues facing our children happens to be that the educators charged with educating them do not know how. Most of them have been taught how to teach children with dyslexia, ADD, NVLD, processing issues, OCD (here)and … Continue reading

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The Hero’s Journey: Autism and Your Child

I happen to love the movie Troy. Apart from the fact that I am an amateur ancient historian, well at least in my own mind, I love how the story is a play on Homer’s Iliad. In this film epic … Continue reading


OK So Maybe I am Not So Subtle

Hubby and I have had a disagreement about something I did yesterday concerning collegeman. Collegeman has decided that he is going to major in history and minor in legal studies, specifically criminal law studies. So he plans to take criminal … Continue reading

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Here We Go Again: Spring Semester Stress

Life for collegeman has been pretty quiet these last few weeks. He has slept till midday. He did simple chores in the house. He stayed up all night watching TV and he ate like a pig. In fact I have … Continue reading

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Join Us @TheCoffeeKlatch

I have written before about using the internet to find and make connections in your world. I have found that social media is a terrific outlet for parents of special needs children. While I sat alone for most of my … Continue reading

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