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Catch 22: Society and Acceptance but Your Child is More Than Autism

There is a wonderful blogger that I follow, Mae who writes, Autism Is Not the Boss. She has written an interesting post ASD terminology: ‘autistic’ vs ‘individual with autism’  As usual since, I generally have alot to say, I commented … Continue reading

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Inanity, Irony and Sarcasm: Yep They Get Funny

I just received some emails that had been sent to me by highschoolboy from a comedy website that he likes to read.  They were sarcastic, bombastic and just plain old-fashioned fun. These emails linked to pages that parodied parodies, skewered … Continue reading

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Reflections on a 16th Birthday: You Bet We are ALL Stressed

 Today I am in a retrospective mood. Highschoolboy turns 16. I look at him and think of the past years and how he has grown into the proto-man he will become. I sit and think how those  years have flown … Continue reading

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Alice Through the Looking Glass: The World and Your Aspie

The other day hubby and I were having a conversation with collegeman. The topic of the conversation is not what is important but what is important is the fact that he did not understand the idioms used in the conversation. … Continue reading


The End and a New Beginning: Aspies and Peer Rejection

We have had a problem lately with Highschoolboy’s best friend. I don’t think he wants to be friends anymore and doesn’t have the ability to tell HSB. He has really lame excuses for not coming to the phone when HSB … Continue reading

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If You Love Someone Set Then Free-Decision Making and Your Aspie

I am faced with an interesting quandary. Collegeman does not want to go to the therapist anymore-at least for the time being. He says he has too much work to do and with the semester coming to a close I … Continue reading

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                                     Freedom is not free: THANK A VETERAN.

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