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I have received several questions from parents wanting to know where they could specifically find information concerning aspergers and their younger children. While my boys are teens there are several past posts that may be applicable to younger aspies. In the meantime, all the helpful websites listed on this blog is a great place to start. Also never forget the power of forums and chat boards. Social media is a terrific helpmate in finding information and getting ideas from other parents. In the meantime, as I continue to regale the world wide web with the escapades of collegeman and highschoolboy I will try my best to discuss the issues that we faced when they were much younger providing a look into how we were able to get past issues under control and proceed on our way into a wider world.
   How to Help your Child,  May 26
Your Child’s Attitude
   Sassy Mouth, May 28
   Helping Out Around the House, June 6
   Life Skills, June 19
   Discipline, Discipline, Discipline, May 29
   Lieing, May 30
Disablity Charachteristics
   Auditory Issues, June 23
Helping Your Child
   Transitioning, June 2
   Social Stories: Behavior, June 28
   Autism and Animals, July 2,3
   Speech Issues, Aug. 2
   Seizures, Tics Anxiety, Aug. 9
   Culture of Rude, Oct. 2
Understanding Your Child
   Obsessions, June 14
   God is in the Details, July 22
   Entire category
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