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Changelings and Shape-shifters and Ghouls -OH MY: Adventures in OZ

I had been hinting for several weeks about discussing our issues with Halloween. I know I have been sidetracked because of the many adventures of Collegeman and Highschoolboy and I apologize. Anyway here goes the wonderful reminiscences of my years … Continue reading


You, the Internet and Connections: Redux

  At the request of collegeman’s lifeskills coach I am reposting this blog from July 2009, about support on the internet.  Elise   July 20 You, the Internet, and Connections I was thinking about the internet and how wonderful it is. When my … Continue reading

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Fractal Moles, Unanswered Emails and a Truely Inappropriate Parental Response

By now it is well established that highschoolboy is having a difficult academic year in chemistry. Lucky for him he has some very understanding and helpful teachers. In fact the chemistry teacher had offered to come in early the other day … Continue reading

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42; the Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

My cell phone rang in the supermarket this morning. Finally brilliant-computersis, who has been very busy, called. I told her that I would have to call her back when I left the store which was not long after we hung … Continue reading

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No Retreat, No Surrender: Getting Your Child to Act Like Britain Under Churchill

So the title of this post is very different than what  I usually write. I tend to use analogies from movies, or children’s games to relay an idea or thought concerning our children. However, this past week has been a … Continue reading

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“He’s Looking at Me” Channeling Robert DeNiro and Other Social Issues

One of the issues that invariably occurs with children on the autism spectrum is the fact that they can’t read facial expressions. They have no ability to discern the difference between happy, sad or mad. It is a life long … Continue reading

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So We Change Our Dreams: Life With an Autistic Child

You know that dream you had as a young adult that when you finally had money enough to buy your own home, you would make sure that there was the formal livingroom and diningroom. You spent untold hours looking through a … Continue reading