Update: Add/Drop, Asperger Support, Seeing Beyond the Disability

So here’s the update on collegeman and the add/drop class situation. He had become very agitated because the law professor had not gotten back to him about the syllabus. We had tried our best to figure out what he should read for the class, but he was really unsure. The anxiety actually caused a small seizure. Finally the professor did get back to him with a list of chapters for the first class. The man actually apologized for not looking at his emails earlier. (I am sure hubby was right-three-day weekend ) Not bad response from prof. Thumbs up one.
Then the aide tells me that the law professor took collegeman aside before class and told him not to worry about the reading for class, because he had missed the first lecture and it was ok to catch up. Thumbs up two. Seems collegeman did calm down after that. Aide said he did well after the talk with the professor. Stayed on task and not too many questions. All right collegeman. So we shall see how it goes from here. As long as the professors can deal with collegeman’s idiosyncricies its really up to my son, just like its up to every mother’s child to sink, swim or cut bait.
I think that is all we really ask of society. Give our children a chance to prove themselves. Don’t assume you know who they are or what they can do. See beyond the disability to find the person. I don’t really think its all that hard for the world to really do. It’s like a friend of mine told me about he son yesterday. The teacher in a science class wanted to put a transcript notation on the child’s transcript about science. There had never been any indication that this child who has cerebral palsy couldn’t do the work. He had done it all year long without incident, but the teacher got scared. Prejudged what would happen on the Regents exam and wanted to cushion the transcript. Now I know this teacher. I don’t think it was the same as art teacher vis-a-vis highschoolboy. I honestly believe the science teacher did have good intentions. My friend held her ground however, and said no way. Her son got a 75. Good for him and I do hope the school learned a lesson.
I think that is the most infuriating aspect of the problem with the acting teacher and the drama Dean. They decided to prejudge a situation for a student they knew nothing about. The teacher met him once and the Dean not at all. Just ignorant truely ignorant. I asked the disability director if she forwarded my email to the Dean. No, she did not. Didn’t really think she would. But she mentioned something about changing the description of the class. As if that really would have made a difference. But that’s ok. I’ll give her this one. I did tell her though that this was not a precedent and would not happen again especially when the class is part of collegeman’s major or minor requirements. Now, apparently the art teacher is not dealing well with actually having to teach my son how to draw. Heavens a basic drawing class and she has to teach collegeman to draw. Go figure. What will the world think of next? Professors actually teaching and students actually learning. Tommorrow is another art class. We’ll see how it goes. Disability director was meeting with the art teacher either yesterday or today. But she knew I was sorely not in the mood for nonsense. But I did get the aide to continue going to class with collegeman. Did give the professor that one without question. (Sad aspect of this is that art was the one class that collegeman doesn’t really need support. It really is the professor.)
On another note, I met with the asperger support program coordinators yesterday at the college. Didn’t really give them a chance to talk. I wanted them to know what we already do for collegeman. One did seem rather put off. But that’s ok. She asked what would they do since we have all the bases covered. I told her a support group on campus would be nice and to have an extra person he could turn to in case of a problem would be good too, plus some pointers for the aide to help collegeman finally reach that stage of being independent. I don’t know what her problem was. I guess since she can’t play hero with my son she didn’t want to play at all. Hubby did have an interesing point however. The semester started now, two weeks ago. These students have terrible transition issues. If they were really interested in helping why didn’t they start the process over the summer?
Anyway, long story short, they gave me papers for collegeman to sign and a questionnaire to have collegeman fill out. Hubby wants to make sure everything is coordinated properly especially since we really don’t know them. Probably won’t let them talk to collegeman or the aide until they talk to the therapist and the life skills coach. Noone goes off half-cocked anymore. Noone will give him mixed messages. But I think they understood that. I did have my "beast on" when we met.
I do hate having to walk around that way. It’s not really healthy. Its just been a tense few weeks. Hopefully things will get better. Everyone will calm down (including me), and collegeman will get down to what he does best-showing the world that nothing will stand in his way.
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