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School Days, School Days, Dear Old Golden Rule Days…

Now that we are full flung into another school year I wanted to bring up the topic of scheduling the classroom for your ASD child. Routine is so much a part of what comforts our children that it is one … Continue reading

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Aspiedom, Brat or a Little Inbetween

I would like to take this moment to address an interesting issue. When is your aspie being an aspie and when is he being a brat? It is an interesting question because we tend to compensate for our children. The … Continue reading

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We the People: Constitution Day and the RIghts of the Disabled

Today is Constitution Day. Today on this date in 1787,  our government and way of life was codified into law.Today is the day that many say WE as the PEOPLE  of the United States of America truely came into being. So in … Continue reading


This Time It’s Your Aspie’s Fault

Well, I have to tell you we entered a new phase of life with highschoolboy today. I actually got a call from the vice-principal of the school on the very first day of classes. Ususally we get to wait at … Continue reading


REMEMBER 9/11: Cee Cee Lyles United Airlines Flight 93

Let us pause to remember those who died because we choose to live free.   Until next time,   Elise

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Update: Add/Drop, Asperger Support, Seeing Beyond the Disability

So here’s the update on collegeman and the add/drop class situation. He had become very agitated because the law professor had not gotten back to him about the syllabus. We had tried our best to figure out what he should … Continue reading


Laws Governing Behavioral Interventions and Supports

There is an ongoing controversy about the use of force in schools nationwide against students with disabilities. The following was received by this blogger curtesy of Bonnie Kaplan []. Please share as appropriate.   Until next time,   Elise   In … Continue reading

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