Staycation- Fun in the Summer Time: Aspergers and Planning

So I got some really good news last week. I had a meeting with the oldest son’s boss and apparently he did as well as he kept telling us. It’s not that I didn’t believe him, what it is is that I don’t know whether his perceptions are correct. He may think that something is going well and the reality is very different.  Aspergers has a way of doing that. But in this case he was right!. Apparently she was impressed with his conscientiousness. His work ethic and his writing abilities. However, she did indicate that he wasn’t interested in a career in library science. ( I could have told her that one.) So this absolutely nice lady, because she knew he wasn’t interested in a library career, actually talked to one of his professors and gave him a project having to do with plagarism because he indicated an interest in a law career. You know that wonderful youthful need to save the world and make right what is wrong. 
Now we have to organize him for school. Today we go on line to order his books, set up his parking stickers (for my cars and his dad’s car), input his schedule into his new iphone and order the car service for the fall. None of this needs to take a very long time, and I am pretty sure it won’t. Then he will get to do the chores he is obsessing about. His desk is organized and we installed a new printer. Once his books come he will organize his draws/files. But for four courses its not that much work. I think it will be fine, hopefully.
It seems everything is coming together for everyone.(Gosh  I am going to jinx myself) The hubby and younger son spent yesterday organizing his office. They removed the labradoodle’s crate, much to the consternation of the dog. He keeps looking at me and whinning. Then he throws himself on my feet, like now, I think he feels a little lost. But I know he’ll get used to it. I’ll buy him a special treat. We also found  out that the mouse on the youngest’s computer is broken, so we ordered a new one. In the mean time he is using my wireless mouse from my laptop.
The next endeavor is to make sure that the schedule we created for our staycation is kept. We decided to go to the new Intrepid museum and the planetarium. I think it is important that the boys respect those who serve and protect us. They need to understand that kind of sacrifice and duty, even though they will have to find other ways to serve because of their autism. Hubby is not so sure about the planetarium, however, since last time we went to the planetarium, the youngest one and he got into a heated debate about the origins of the universe. I don’t think the younger one actually believes the story told at the planetarium. Can’t wrap his brain around the science. He needs to coordinate modern science with religion. This is something that we are going to have to watch, luckily he does believe in evolution. One of his teachers used to laugh when I told her to fix him and his science perceptions. No not really funny. Aspies can be very stubborn unfortunately about the wrong things sometimes.
Another part of the staycation is that they are going to play golf, but first the driving range so the boys remember how to hit a golf ball. Then the oldest wants to go back to the skeet range. That will be the hubby and he alone. The youngest doesn’t like shooting the shotguns. I think its just hard for him. Maybe when he gets older and a little stronger he will change his mind. After that the boys need to decide on which waterpark to go to next week.  Although, the best part of the staycation is that after Wednesday the hubby will work from home for ten days. I am very excited . That is my present and the best part of a vacation. All of us together for a week or more, just enjoying each others company and building some interesting memories.
So here we go into the final weeks of the summer. Still some time to play and sleep and eat too much. Sitting together, outside with the crickets and the frogs. Wondering if it can get any better than that and knowing full well that it really can’t.
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