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Just found this great new book for teaching school aged children tolerance towards their autistic classmates:   Why is He Different? Linda Fox, Kris Byrnside,Milos Trando To view this book     Until next time,   Elise Advertisements

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Wave Pools, Water Rides and the Entire East Coast

Well, Yesterday was the last day of our staycation. I would have to admit, that in all honesty, it was a giagntic bust. Not the staycation the choice of activities. First we went to the planetarium, and they hated it. … Continue reading


OCD, Aspergers, eBay and the $1 Odyssey

So anyone who follows me on twitter knows that I have been having issues with eBay and PayPal. My oldest son, now that he has finished work, and there is less to do as far as yardwork is concerned, has … Continue reading

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Staycation- Fun in the Summer Time: Aspergers and Planning

So I got some really good news last week. I had a meeting with the oldest son’s boss and apparently he did as well as he kept telling us. It’s not that I didn’t believe him, what it is is … Continue reading

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Your Autistic Child and the Condescension of the Professional

What is the issue that bothers a parent the most in dealing with professionals and their autistic children? For me it happens to be when I am treated like a spectator in my child’s life. I wonder where in school these … Continue reading


Seizures, Tics, Anxiety: Autism and the New School Year

Well its started. The anxiety levels have risen, the seizures and the tics are back. In just over three weeks, the boys will be back in school.   Yesterday, my oldest told my husband that he had a really big … Continue reading

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Speech Delay, Echolalia, Pragmatic Issues, Word Retrieval: Speech in the Time of Autism

So now the new wall is done. They worked all day yesterday and cemented the end of the granite block edging. Interestingly my oldest spent the entire day talking. He just loves the DragonBallZ manga series. I made a mistake … Continue reading

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