Vacation Week Two: Broken Nintendo DS Lite and Starbucks Donuts

OK. I realized yesterday that we are only in the second full week of summer fun and happiness. I swear it felt like its been months. We have settled into a very teenage pattern of sleep until noon and stay up watching videos until 2 AM. Yes, yes, its my own fault but I fall asleep early and there is no way they are going to go to bed at my "senior" sleep time. My husband tries to stay up to organzie their sleep, but invariably he falls alseep on the coach and he does have to get up for work the next day. So they are mostly on their own for a few hours. Yes, I could wake them up earlier, actually for the older one on the days he works, I actually do, but then they are really cranky and it makes the day miserable. I know I have to break the pattern, but I also actually enjoy the solitude in the morning. I think of it as my escape valve. Quandry, quandry, quandry!
Well, yesterday was one of those rare days when the younger one had a bit of a meltdown and he had slept until noon. No early waking. His new nintendo ds lite broke. One of the buttons doesn’t work anymore. (You would think  it would last more than a few months. They are not cheap, obviously just made that way. Of course its out of warranty) He does have an older version but we didn’t have it with us so he began to melt down. He hadn’t done this for quite some time, so I was taken a little aback. I had thought these temper tantrums were over. He started to cry and swear. I tried to calm him down by telling him we’ll call nintendo, and reminding him that he had an older version at hime. Of course that did no good , because this was an in the moment issue and it could not be solved. I guess we still have alot of work to do on emotional regulation. We finally reached the tutoring service location and he wouldn’t get out of the car for a minute. I thought he was crying but he wouldn’t admit that when he got out of the car.
I needed to calm him before the tutoring session so I went with him into starbucks. He was very cranky but I tried to help him keep it together. You could hear it in is voice that he was upset, but I had him order a donut. Oh heavens the server gave him the wrong damn donut. He started to yell. At that moment I couldn’t let him carry on, so we had one of our embarassing moments in starbucks. I turned him around and sternly told him, in a little louder voice than ususal, that people make mistakes and that he was not to yell at them but tell them nicely. So he turned to the young man, who had already gotten the right donut, told the server the problem and exchanged the food. Then I made him apologize. It was what it was. We left. I have to commend the young man behind the starbucks counter. He took my son in stride. I don’t know if he undertood the situation or if it had to do with the fact that I was not letting my child be rude or that there are alot of really bad mannered teenagers that cross his path.. But noone actually commented and I actually got a sympathetic smile from another mom. 
The best part happened just a few mintues later. Out of the entire episode the only comment  I got from my teenager, was his chastising me for turning him 360 degrees in order to talk to him instead of a smaller 180 degree turn. I swear I live with Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.
But by the time we walked upstairs to the tutor he was slowly calming down, and I rubbed his back for a few mintues before the session started. I told the director I would be in the parking lot if there was a problem. No problem, good session. In fact he was such  a joy,one mother who was dropping off her son complemented my child on his poetry.  Go figure. I get meltdowns and others get poetry and apparently good poetry.
The dawn has broke, I’ve been up since 5AM ,oh yeah, my labradoodle decided that that was a good time to play. Without a doubt even the four-legged children need attention. Lets see what the beginning of summer vacation week three holds.  It probably will include a new nindenteno ds lite at some point. But, first his chores and a good attitude then a surprise trip to the store.
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