Declaration of Independence-A Highlighter-Their Own Office

Since yesterday was the fourth of July I require my boys to read the Declaration of Independece. I bribe them with these awesome American flag cookies covered in colored white chocolate. It took all day but they did it.
Finally towards the end of the day my youngest stands in his room near a copy of the Declaration that is hung on the wall and perused through it really quickly. I then proceeded to quiz him on it, just to make sure that he actually had done what he said. Just a few questions concerning inalienable rights and pledging honor. He got his cookie. When the older one came in from helping with the gardening I reminded him that he had to read the Declaration too. I had trouble pulling it up on my laptop so he went to his PC. I figured he would read it quickly on the net. But this boy never does anything halfway. I was wondering what was taking so long so I went to his office to look. Lo and behold, there he was, with a printed copy and a yellow highlighter reading through the Declaration and highligting the parts he felt were relevant. The paper was all yellow. Oh yeah, he got his cookie and I didn’t have to quiz him at all.
That leads me to a discussion about his office. The younger one has one too. They talk about children needing their own space inorder to do homework, some place quiet and free of distractions.  Also, the computer should not be up in their bedroom, away from a parental watchful eye. Actually the only things in their bedroom (they share and always have) is their beds, dressers and book shelves. It started that way because if they needed time outs when they were little, it made no sense to send them up to fun central. It just happened to stay that way.
The way the office idea  became a reality was that the older child just sort of took over the homeoffice once he entered high school. I can’t even begin to tell you about the amount of homework and the hours every day spent studying. He definitely needed the space. A place to keep all his papers, to not be bothered  complete with unfettered access to a computer.  They say that the predator scare is over blown, except of course, if it happens to your child. (Just as an aside, as a parent with a child who has problems with social interactions I doubly watch what they do on the computer)
So as it goes, the younger one entered middle school and needed a place to really study and for our piece of mind he needed his own computer. There was just no time in the day for them to fight about who gets to study and do homework and who doesn’t. So much school work is now dependent on use of a computer. That would have been totally ridiculous. So we took the guest bedroom, which had our youngest’s piano in it anyway, and turned it into his office. We got rid of the bed, brought in a computer desk and let him start on the old family computer. I tell you it worked out great. Each child has  a storage area for their books, and papers. They have a place of organization, quiet and free of distraction. Of course in the case of the younger one the computer in and of itself, is his distraction. But that’s a blog for another day.
Individual offices have worked out really well for the boys. They have their places to work and a place to call their own. Of course, the ones without a work space is myself and my husband. I have  laptop, will travel. Right now I am sitting on my screened -in-porch on a beautiful summer’s afternoon, writing this entry. My husband has a tablet/laptop with cell phone and wi-fi capability. He also travels well. It is just one more accommodation in a long list of accommodations for the boys. It’s ok. It’s worth it . You see the wonderful result is an over-highlighted copy of the Declaration of Independence.
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