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School Planning- Old and New: College, Teaching Aides and Autism

As any family with a child on the autism spectrum knows, the school year actually begins sometime in the summer. That is the planning for the upcoming year begins around August 1. This of course, does not include the IEP … Continue reading

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Thinking Like an Aspie or the Real Uses for a Piano

Our weekends have become a festival of stone, brick and mortor. The husband has decided to build walls. He has fixed the flagstone steps and buit a wall holding back the mulch from falling over onto his beautiful new steps. … Continue reading


United Healthcare Grant  United Healthcare Foundation has a grant for families with disabled children who have problems paying for medical care. it may be applicable to you. Good luck.     Elise

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Update on Nintendo DS Lite

For those who are following the saga about my son’s nintendo ds lite, it was returned today, completely fixed at no cost to ourselves. He was thrilled. Made an ecstatic face, not just a happy face. Bonus upon bonus, they … Continue reading

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“God is in the Details”

"God is in the details." I heard this quote yesterday and I began to think how apropos to our children. Everything is about details. Exacting, minimalist, painstaking details. There can be no mistakes, no errors and no vying off the … Continue reading


You, the Internet, and Connections

I was thinking about the internet and how wonderful it is. When my journey into the world of autism started there were no outlets for parents. There were minimal support groups and quite frankly no information out there to help … Continue reading

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Autism-Attachments-Teddy Bears

I happened to be watching my children sleep this morning. I noticed something very interesting. They both sleep with teddy bears. It’s an attachment that the experts like to tell you just doesn’t happen. In fact, my oldest sleeps with … Continue reading