Summer Vacation Day Two: Time for You

Earlier I wrote about the "wonderful" first day of summer vacation and how we had to pry the boys apart from fighting. The second day went alot better. The older one had actually tried to make amends wth the yougner one, which the younger actually accepted. Things went really smoothly. I have to tell you about something I did for myself.
I f  you read an earlier blog of mine you will know that one of the ideas I push is that YOU need time for yourself, and what’s more you are entitled to that time. Well since everything seemed copacedic yesterday I took a few hours. I sat on my porch, I had a glass of champagne (hubby was home so there was no concern), took my laptop, a copy of my favorite magazine and enjoyed the humidy and the coming thunder storm. I transported myself to the tropics and a 5 star hotel, as I sat and blogged or watched my favorite shows. Read that magazine amd sipped the champagne as I enjoyed a thunderstorm. I felt happy, calm and when I was done rejuvenated.
My husband’s time for himself is to garden including fixing the flagstone walkway. He likes to create and build. And  with the walkway, gets to beat on stone. I think its very cathartic for him.
A few moments to oneself is good. It’s makes you ready for what comes next. Day Three….
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