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Well, I picked my youngest up from his last final a few hours ago. Needless to say he gets 100% extra time and he finished before the official regular time was even up. Oh, boy that is either really good or really bad. I have learned with him that there is no in between. We shall see soon.
But it had occurred to me that this is the beginning of the first summer that neither boy has any camp or a school related support system. When they were younger they used to qualify for ESY. The school had an greement with the town camp that they would provide the necessary support  personnel for the student, including speech, OT, PT, tutoring, etc, as long as they included the ESY kids into the regular camp. This of course, was perfect for everyone. The camp by ADA law had to provide for  any disabled child who wanted to attend, and the school had to provide ESY. The ESY through the town camp was alot less expensive than any county or state program. Plus since we are generally an inclusion district, it kept our kids mainstreamed into the regular school population. So everyone wins. The camp has help providing for the disabled kids, the school saves a bunch of money on ESY, and the children win the most by being part of the town that they are growing up in. The school ESY program even provided support for my younger one when he tried his hand at being a CIT.
When they hit high school there used to be a high school summer program run by the district. This was supposed to enhance any student’s education who resided in the district. Needless to say it was great for my kids because it allowed them to take a class over the summer and lessen their work load over the school year. The school district even provided a TA based upon the accessibility rule of the ADA. Unfortunately, the  summer school program ended. The district decided it didn’t pay financially to run the summer high school. This left me with a quandry. Now what do I do?
It was the summer before my oldest one’s freshman year at college so I had already signed him up for a class. Good transition and intro to college academics. But what about the younger one. I had planned on sending him to the high school. Well I found a computer camp for him to go to for four weeks. I then hired a TA on my own to send with him. Talk about your budget buster.
Money, honey, that is always the problem and the big question about the summer for us. This summer, my oldest one actually is working without support. He seems to be doing well, hopefully. It’s actually a big leap forward for him. His anxiety does seem to be better. The younger one I have going to a tutoring class for ACT prep. It’s basically a one-to-one program unless a few other students join in. He really needs to work on his english essay writing, so this is really good for him. It’s only two hours a day,and I’ll be real close by, but they know him there. H’s been going there for one reason or another for five years now. I also bought him the Enders Series, by Orson Scott Card. He read the first one in school and really liked it. But no camp, no TA, just me and the boys and their work and their chores.
I’m starting a schedule for the younger one for next week. If I don’t  all free time will be spent on the computer or the Wii, Playstation or X-Box. Dad’s going to come up with some chores, so he can earn money like his big brother. He actually came to us with a business plan for the summer so he could earn more money towards the downloads he wants for his gaming systems. We nixed the chores he listed since he had to do those anyway. There was the one where he feeds the dogs, well, I know the dogs would probably starve, so that one was also a no. But the Dad will find plenty for him to do. How can you say no to a 15 year old with a fully written out business plan. Complete with purpose, cost and redemption. (Honestly its not like he is ready to hold a regular job. But he wants money just like his peers. Actually I have to give him kudos for not asking for a raise in his allowance but trying to think of ways to earn the money. Not bad!)
Wish us luck.
Until next time,

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