Auditory Issues

So my oldest son has been doing chores around the house. The latest one is helping sand down and refinish some really nice Ethan Allen furniture we had bought when we still had some money. My husband complained that even though telling him three times how to do it and he acknowledging that he understood, he proceeded to do it all wrong.  After reviewing with my husband what he said and how he said it (my husband is really good at communicating with the boys) I came to a lightbulb moment. He may be in college, he may be at his first job, but he still has that darn auditory processing issue.
We came to a conclusion that his instructions still need to be short and sweet and maybe only one or two auditory instructions at a time. You know, he can really fool you, but tests and papers are all in writing and his visual learning skills have always been beyond superior.
The truth is this may be why he is so anxious in school. He misses things that is said, not because he is daydreaming but because his auditory skills are still so slow on the uptake. We had bought him a really good microrecorder, which he refused to really use. We also bought him a laptop with the microsoft program that lets you record as you take notes (One Note on PCs and the microsoft product produced for MAC)but he would not use that either. No other student uses a laptop in class so I think he felt that he would stand out too much. The aide he didn’t mind, the laptop he did. Smetimes you just have to shake it off.
My goal now is to try to work with him to use that tape recorder and have him gain some more incite into helping himself in the classroom. We need to break that cycle where he is just used to the anxiety, TA support and confusion. I know once he gets it he will understand just how much better it will be. Now off to the therapists with another issue to tackle, tallyho!! 
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