Today I take my oldest to sign his tax papers for his first job. I have been thnking about what he will need in order to transition into the workplace. I think its really not that much different then changing grades or classes in school or starting summer camp.
The truth of it is that it is a big unknown right now. W don’t know what his work area will look like, what actually are his job repsonsibilites and quite frankly how easy it will be for him to handle all the newness. I do know that the people who hired him are aware of his apsergers but I am not sure they understnad how it has affected him. Today I am going to talk to his supervisor and see if we can transition him before hand. Wish me luck.
 Here are some rules that have helped in the past with school transitions:
-find out your child’s teacher
-see if you can meet them with the child before school starts-see if you can even identify their desk in the classroom, ask if they can pick their locker and practice the combination alot
-if it is a new school see if you can go on a tour
-have a meeting with his teachers/guidance counselors to let them know your concerns and understand how things may affect your child and what they may do to help him. Don’t rely on one teacher explaining things to another. They don’t always get it right and you are still the best judge of your child.
-for older children, get a copy of their schedule and help find the rooms where he is to go and have him walk through the schedule several times on several different days to make sure that they remember
-see if you can introduce your children to all his teachers. as you walk around the school sometimes teachers will be in the room setting up and your child can then meet their art, music, gym teacher,etc. For older children sometimes the academic teachers are in their rooms as well, and this can be big anxiety reducer.
-see if you can get a list of supplies before the first day and have them bought already (this will reduce anxiety) alot of teachers send the list over the summer to be brought in on the first day
-if they are new in school contact the class parent and see if they can meet some children in the class (I actually had a class parent volunteer to bring her daughter over so my son knew someone. It was actually her idea)
-if the child is new maybe contact the Special Ed Committee of the PTA and see if they have any support groups for the child or if there are children to meet as well
Alot of these rules apply to camp. Alot of camps have a meet and greet night before camp starts. Find out if your camp will help you with the transition. If they will not, maybe you also need to find aother camp. It is sort of an indication that they may be a bunch of jerks and not a place for your child.
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