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Laundry Developments and Dunkin Donuts

Well we have hit a roadbump in the laundry saga. My oldest was not really doing a good job. He started putting too much laundry in the washer so nothing really got clean. He also let the clothes get really … Continue reading

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Social Stories: Behavioral Lessons

An interesting thought happened earlier this morning, I had been skimming boards and reading the questions people were talking about when I happened along to a discussion about the purpose of social stories. It’s interesting how you can forget such … Continue reading


Summer Vacation Day Two: Time for You

Earlier I wrote about the "wonderful" first day of summer vacation and how we had to pry the boys apart from fighting. The second day went alot better. The older one had actually tried to make amends wth the yougner … Continue reading

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Summer Stress: Vacation Day One

So we are one day into our summer vacation and all hell broke loose yesterday. The younger one could not mind his own business and the older one took offense. They got into a big fight while we were out … Continue reading

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Summer Fun

Well, I picked my youngest up from his last final a few hours ago. Needless to say he gets 100% extra time and he finished before the official regular time was even up. Oh, boy that is either really good … Continue reading

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Auditory Issues

So my oldest son has been doing chores around the house. The latest one is helping sand down and refinish some really nice Ethan Allen furniture we had bought when we still had some money. My husband complained that even … Continue reading


Life Skills

An interesting thing happened the other day when I asked my younger son to turn off the oven. He asked me which one that was. He gets mad when I bring it up, he says he was 95% sure which … Continue reading

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