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Watching Over the Teachers

This blog idea actually comes from my husband. I had been writing on the facebook boards and telling him about some of the issues relating to school. He reminded me that I should tell people about having to watch the … Continue reading



Today I thought of an interesting quandry. Do aspie’s lie? Actually I remember when my oldest was first diagnosed the doctors all told us that they do not lie, because it takes a sophisticated understanding of social relationhips to want … Continue reading

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Discipline, Discipline, Discipline

I was perusing the internet and a topic popped up that I think is very important to your child’s success. Discpline. I don’t know how anyone would parent a child without it, never mind a child with an autism spectrum … Continue reading

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Sassy Mouth

Hi,   Today we care going to discuss the oft overlooked issue of sassy mouthed aspergers kids. Boy oh boy, when they get going its like no holds barred. Forget the eye rolling, which as a parent drives you crazy … Continue reading

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Hi,   So today I am going to talk about homework. OMG! Anyone with an asperger’s child knows what that is all about. After keeping it together all day in a very challenging environment the child then comes home to … Continue reading

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Hi, I was going to write about homework today. Memorial Day Weekend not withstanding my youngest had several tests to study for, reading and regents peparation. But I was sidelined by some questions on IVIllage that I thought I would … Continue reading

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Welcome to my blog. Let me tell you something about myself. I am the mother of two children with asperger’s syndrome. The oldest infact was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at the age of five. He just finished his first year of … Continue reading

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